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Current members

Zeinab A. R, POSTDOC . Funded by the NEUROPULSE project in collaboration with Antoine Jerusalem in Engineering
Ileana Andrea Bonilla Brunner, DPhil student funded by CONACYT.  Biomimetic magnetic biomaterials
Jacob Seifert, POSTDOC (BBSRC). Plant cell wall mechanics.
Alba Rosa Piacenti DPhil . Probing viscoelasticity of biological materials 
Casey Adam, DPhil Mechano-electrical coumpling in tissues (collaboration with Sarah Waters, Maths Institute)
Kiian Ho, MPhys student. Physics of cryopreservation
Joseph Adelinia  , MPhys student. Mechanical effect of anaesthetics on lipid membranes
Anna Wald, MPhys student, time-dependent mechanics of collagen. Advanced quantitative image processing.
Renat Karimov, undergrad Physics student
Priyadarshani Choudhary , Newton-Bhabha Scholar, antibacterial nanocomposites
Simon McQuoid Mason MSc Nanotechnology programme, project : nanoHoney"
Dr Isabel Llorente-Garcia, academic visitor from UCL Physics, novel tools for biophysics based on magnetism
A collaboration of Plant scientists, Physicists and Engineers to study plant mechanics. Led by Charlotte Kirchhelle, Antoine Jerusalem and Sonia Contera
A network led by Sarah Waters (Oxford Maths Institute) and Sonia Contera for the quantitative study of cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organisms
A collaboration led by Antoine Jerusalem (Oxford Engineering) to study electromechanical coupling in neurons
Physics of pancreatic tumours
With Alex Gordon Weeks of the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, to study the role of mechanics in tumour biology and effect of chemotherapy

Previous members include :

Olivia Ghosh (from Columbia Uni), Wuyi Shen, Rebecca Vaughan, Michael Lherbette, Jemma Brown (MPhys), Prof Javier Garcia Martinez (visiting from U de Alicante, Oxford Martin School Fellow), Kislon Voitchovsky, Hilary Hamnett, Amadeus Stevenson, Mar Alvarez (visiting), Eneko Axpe (visiting from UPC-EHU), Arvind Raman (Visiting Wadham College Keeley Fellow), Maria de Santo (FP7), Alessandra Apicella, Jihan Zhou (CSC from Beijing University), Chikara Dohno (visiting from Sanken, Osaka University), Shingo Makishi, Andrea Ancona, Loic Bugnicourt, Charlie Daniels, Ryota Hayashi (from Osaka Unviersity funded by JSPS), Einar Bui Magnusson, Armando Mendez (University Nuevo Leon, funded by CONACYT), Kaho Kamada (visiting SANKEN, Osaka University),Laura Santana, Calum Gabbutt...